Singer-songwriter Lee JinAh and Taiwan’s voice,

Singer-songwriter Lee JinAh and Taiwan’s voice, Son SeongHee Shi Shi, are set to present us with the poignant emotions of parting soon

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Antenna, the agency they belong to, recently unveiled the music video teaser for the digital single ‘Unnecessary Spring Weather (Goodbye Spring)’ through its official YouTube channel. This teaser video captures the two artists meeting through a video call, each in their own space, raising the anticipation of global fans.

This song is a collaboration that combines Lee JinAh’s delicate and warm emotions with the voice of Son SeongHee Shi Shi, which received great love in Taiwan for the OST ‘Tears Remember You (眼淚記得你)’ from the hit drama ‘Someday or One Day’. The melody, reminiscent of spring, and its contrasting poignant lyrics are expected to convey the lingering feelings after a breakup. There is a lot of interest from both domestic and international fans in this song, which expresses the tender emotions of farewell through the meeting of two distinct artists.

‘Unnecessary Spring Weather (Goodbye Spring)’ is scheduled to be released at 12 PM on the 25th. Many are looking forward to the reaction this song, filled with the poignant emotions of parting created by Lee JinAh and Son SeongHee Shi Shi, will provoke, as well as the new musical changes their synergy will bring in the future. For those who wish to find solace in beautiful melodies from the pain of separation, this song will undoubtedly be a special gift.


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