Korean Netizens React To HYBE’s Major

Korean Netizens React To HYBE’s Major Update On NewJeans’ Comeback

“[It] makes me want to support NewJeans even more…”

Following HYBE‘s recent announcement regarding NewJeans‘s upcoming activities amidst internal conflicts within the label, the Korean online community has been buzzing.

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The situation has drawn significant attention, not just for its potential impact on the group’s immediate promotional activities but also for the broader implications it could have on the relationship between the agency and its artists.

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With HYBE confirming that the schedule for NewJeans’ May comeback remains unaffected, fans and observers have taken to popular forum TheQoo to express their thoughts and concerns over the ongoing issues.

  • “We really need to see Min Hee Jin clearly drawing the line from the start.”
  • “The moment people start accusing [them] of being derivative or plagiaristic, they’ll be burning with curiosity to find any similarities to what NewJeans did before, right?”
  • “What a mess.”
  • “Might as well just quickly draw the line with Min Hee Jin and sort everything out.”
  • “People will almost forget about it in a month anyway. Just need to tough it out.”
  • “The spiteful attitude makes me want to support NewJeans even more. I hope the song comes out quickly, haha.”
  • “Realistically, it’s tough for the members to file a lawsuit, so no matter how they feel, it seems like things will just flow this way.”


| TheQoo

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/netizens-react-hybe-addressing-new-jeans-comeback/

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