Singer Parc JaeJung has announced that

Singer Parc JaeJung has announced that he will be enlisting as an active-duty soldier in the army on May 21, 2024, and as a farewell to his fans, he will be releasing a new song

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This news of his enlistment was shared through Romantic Factory and his personal Instagram, surprising and saddening many fans.

Parc JaeJung stated, “Since there’s still some time left, I wanted to share at least one more song with my fans, so I decided to release ‘What Happened’ on May 9.” This will be his last gift to fans before his enlistment. Furthermore, the release of another song titled ‘Ready,’ which was initially planned to be released before his enlistment, has been postponed to improve its quality.

Having been beloved by fans since winning ‘Superstar K’ Season 5 in 2013, Parc JaeJung confessed, “Although I coolly told my fans to find comfort in other artists’ songs, in reality, I deeply hope that they will not forget my songs and continue to remember me.” He expressed his gratitude to his fans before enlisting and promised to return healthy.

The anticipation for Parc JaeJung’s new song, along with the news of his enlistment, is growing. It is expected to be a final gift that soothes the sadness of parting for his fans who love his music. Parc JaeJung aims to prioritize communication with his fans until his enlistment, showing his appreciation for their love.

Even though Parc JaeJung’s enlistment will momentarily pause his musical journey, his music will continue to resonate in the hearts of many. Fans are wishing for his safe return and looking forward to a more mature version of him in the future.


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