BABYMONSTER’s Bodyguard “Protects” Maknae Chiquita With

BABYMONSTER’s Bodyguard “Protects” Maknae Chiquita With Split Second Decision, Earns Praise

BABYMONSTER‘s bodyguard is going viral among fans for his quick-thinking actions.

On On April 13, 2024, the YG Entertainment girl group held their first offline fansign in Suwon. The girls met their fans in person, talking to each one while signing their albums and talking to them on stage.


At one point, maknae (youngest member) Chiquita got off stage and headed to the side, still in view of the fans. She was apparently experiencing a wardrobe malfunction. Her manager ran up to her and began pulling her skirt down to fix it.

Right when more eyes were turning her way, their bodyguard casually walked by in front of her. This gave the maknae more privacy in a situation where her legs and skirt were put into full focus.

Fans took to social media to thank the bodyguard for protecting Chiquita “at all cost.” They were happy that he did so especially since “she’s still a baby” at just 15 years old.

This situation also started a discourse on dressing minors in revealing clothing. They hoped that the group’s stylists can avoid putting the 15-year old in uncomfortable mini skirts and crop tops in the future.


BABYMONSTER made their official debut in April with their title track “SHEESH.” They are currently in the middle of their promotions.


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