Shin Hye Sun’s Mysterious Death Upends

Shin Hye Sun’s Mysterious Death Upends Byun Yo Han’s Life In “Following” Trailer

Shin Hye Sun, Byun Yo Han, and Lee El’s upcoming film “Following” has unveiled a trailer ahead of its release!

“Following” is a mystery thriller film that follows the story of Koo Jung Tae (Byun Yo Han) as he witnesses the death of Han So Ra (Shin Hye Sun), an influencer whom he has been observing. He then starts digging into the life of Han So Ra to be cleared of murder charges. Lee El will play the role of homicide detective Oh Young Joo, who meticulously and persistently investigates the disappearance of Han So Ra.

The newly released trailer begins with Han So Ra introducing herself as a born loner, after which she declares, “I need to transform myself into a brand-new woman.”  So Ra is then shown to be a stylish influencer who receives nothing but comments of praise on social media. The trailer goes on to introduce Koo Jung Tae, a real estate agent who has a hobby of peeking into other people’s lives. He tends to observe multiple people rather than a single individual—except for So Ra, whom he begins to feel strongly drawn to.

However, his intense curiosity about So Ra takes an unexpected turn when she goes missing, and he becomes the prime suspect after someone reveals during her livestream that So Ra left her home key with the real estate agent. The trailer then depicts Jung Tae starting to personally investigate, fearing that he might be wrongfully framed for her murder. He is seen thoroughly scouring So Ra’s social media accounts, hoping to come across any trace of evidence about the case.

The trailer concludes with scenes of Jung Tae desperately chasing after the real culprit, with the final caption reading, “I need to find the culprit myself.”

Watch the full trailer below!

“Following” is scheduled to hit theaters on May 15.

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