MBC Edits Claim That SEVENTEEN “Built”

MBC Edits Claim That SEVENTEEN “Built” HYBE’s Headquarters

They cannot forget what they did.

Recently, a statement claiming that HYBE was built by group SEVENTEEN was aired on MBC’s Hangout With You. After the teaser release, they received much criticism and backlash from ARMYs.

In the original clip, the subtitles state, “The HYBE headquarters built up by SEVENTEEN.”ARMYs that saw the clip were furious and called it an “absolute distortion of history.”

ARMYs felt that the subtitles were inaccurate because they seemed to disrespect BTS’s contribution to HYBE’s growth. After this blew up on social media, fans found that the subtitles have since then been edited.

The updated subtitles now state, “Welcome to HYBE’s headquarters. Even the members were in awe of the new building. However, many fans still couldn’t erase what they had done, and could not see MBC in the same way anymore.

Even though they edited the subtitles, I will never be able to forget what HYBE and MBC did.

Fans also found that they had edited the subtitles on Naver and Nate TV platforms.

Fans also looked at BTS HYBE’s revenue guide:

  • 2018: 98% (about 100 %)
  • 2019: 97% (about 100 %)
  • 2020: 92%
  • 2021: 70% – Relocation to new headquarters
  • 2022: 67%
  • 2023: 60% (estimated)

Numberwise, BTS accounted for most of HYBE’s sales and maintained 60% last year without being active as a complete group.

On the other hand, it seems that the subtitles still have not been edited on the official MBC website yet.

Also, check out the responses from ARMY regarding this controversy below.

ARMYs Slam MBC For Claiming SEVENTEEN “Built Up” HYBE’s Headquarters


Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/mbc-edits-claim-seventeen-built-hybe-headquarters/

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