SEVENTEEN Returns with New Song: ’17

SEVENTEEN Returns with New Song: ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’

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First Release

SEVENTEEN has embarked on a new musical journey with their best album ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’. The album, which encapsulates promises to their fans, is set to be unveiled to fans worldwide on April 29. A highlight medley released through official SNS heightened anticipation by showcasing parts of four new songs, highlighting SEVENTEEN’s unique musical color.

The newly revealed title track ‘MAESTRO’ is a dance R&B genre that harmonizes intense beats with piano sounds, encapsulating the musical direction and worldview SEVENTEEN strives for. ‘MAESTRO’ carries the meaning of ‘Let’s come together in our diversity to lead and conduct our world, becoming the best at it,’ offering a glimpse into SEVENTEEN’s musical aspirations. Additionally, the track contains an Easter Egg for fans, providing CARATs with extra joy.

The unit songs also boast their unique charms. The hip-hop team’s ‘LALALI’ features a rough sound and strong addictiveness, showcasing the hip-hop team’s confident attitude. On the other hand, the performance team’s ‘Spell’ presents a languid and dreamy atmosphere, foretelling a different charm by expressing each other’s hearts in the amapiano genre. The vocal team’s ‘Youth Anthem’ delivers a message praising youth, with its lively rhythm and melody harmonizing with the members’ sweet voices.

’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ also includes twenty of SEVENTEEN’s past Korean album title tracks, eight Japanese album title tracks adapted into Korean, and the instrumental ‘아낀다 (Inst.)’. Through this album, SEVENTEEN commemorates the time spent with fans over the past nine years and conveys the promise to continue supporting each other.

With pre-order volumes surpassing 3 million copies, this best album is being praised as an important record that reflects on the path SEVENTEEN has walked so far and marks the first step toward a new future. Prior to the album release, SEVENTEEN is set to hold ‘SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ AGAIN TO SEOUL’ at Seoul World Cup Stadium, heightening anticipation for their activities.

The release of SEVENTEEN’s best album and comeback showcases their musical growth and deep affection for fans, making the anticipation for their future activities even more exciting.


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