Actress Reveals How She Was Bullied

Actress Reveals How She Was Bullied At School For Having Famous Parents

She suffered psychologically.

A popular actress recently opened up about her struggle with bullying as a child because both her parents were popular.

On April 16, actress Ouyang Nana appeared in a variety show as a guest with her mother, actress Fu Chuen, and her sister. Nana confessed that as a daughter of two celebrities, she would often be teased by their names, no matter what she did as a child in school.

Ouyang Nana | @nanaouyang/Instagram

Ouyang Nana is a popular Taiwanese actress, singer, and musician. She was born to veteran actors Long Yang Yang and Fu Chuen. The 23-year-old made her acting debut in 2014 with the movie Beijing Love Story.

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Fu Chuen (left) and Long Yang Yang (right) |

Her problems at school didn’t stop at just teasing. When she was in school, someone uploaded her photo on the school bulletin board with her nose and eyes carved out in holes. At that time, the actress said she was left wondering what she had done wrong when all she wanted was to get along with her friends.

Her words brought the audience to tears, including her own mother. Actress Fu Chuen said she was unaware of the extent of bullying her daughter faced in school and blamed herself for not checking up on her.

Fortunately, Nana was able to overcome the bitter memories and instead grew a habit of taking care of other people’s emotions first. Given that she has achieved success as an actress, a singer, and a cellist, it is safe to say she never let the bullies hold her back!

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