SEVENTEEN DK’s Reaction To Hate Over

SEVENTEEN DK’s Reaction To Hate Over New Album Photos Breaks Fan Hearts

“It seems no one likes…”

Following the announcement of SEVENTEEN‘s upcoming album, 17 IS RIGHT HERE

…member DK‘s official photos have received mixed reactions.

SEVENTEEN’s DK | @pledis_17/X

While some fans praised the promotional material for “breaking gender stereotypes,” others complained about the overall execution of the photoshoot—including the outfits, like DK’s whale-shaped hat.

Multiple SEVENTEEN Members Wear Skirts In New Concept Photos — Breaking Gender Stereotypes

And it seems some of the hate has reached DK himself.

Via Weverse, as he shared some behind-the-scene photos, DK acknowledged that the whale-shaped hat might not be for all…

| @pledis_17/X

…but asked the fans to support still, considering the amount of work that went into creating the album and the photos.

| Weverse

It seems no one likes the whale hat… T-T But I worked really hard on those photos, so I hope you can still enjoy them!

— DK

The member’s discouraged reaction is breaking fan hearts…

| @pledis_17/X

Yes, people have their rights to not like these photos. There can be criticism. But it’s upsetting that DK had to find out about it.

— Netizen

…though some online communities continue to express negativities about the photos.

| theqoo
  • “I didn’t mention it out loud until now, but my friend and I did talk about these photos on KakaoTalk. It’s an album concept photo, so what’s the point of having all the outfits be Tom Ford? But… since he wants everyone to enjoy, I’ll try. It’s not the best, but still.”
  • “It’s OK, I think.”
  • “The stylist and the photographer both have no idea what they’re doing.”
  • “The whale hat’s super cute, though. LOL.”
  • “To me, it sounds like SEVENTEEN fans have nothing else to hate on. Like, if my biases got official photos this good, the fandom would be throwing parties. Haha. The quality of these photos, including how their hair and makeup were done, are impressive and the haters are full of themselves.”
  • “Isn’t the whale hat supposed to be a part of the concept? It’s unique. I like it.”
  • “Well, we’re also upset that these concept photos ended up looking like a Tom Ford collection look book…”
  • “I think it looks OK… I wish I could get my hands on whatever gear was used for these photos.”
  • “I wish K-Pop idols would stop wearing high-end brand collections from head to toe, especially for their concept photos. They clash. And… TBH, for YEARS, fans have been talking about the members’ hair styles not working out. So, at least get a new hair stylist or try a new salon, or something. Y’all can think I’m a hater for saying what I said, but constructive criticism is needed. Blind support isn’t the answer.”
  • “I’m more turned off by the outfits in this entire shoot is. Look at all the layers of Tom Ford. The outfits are clashing with the backgrounds. In fact, that’s probably why people don’t understand the whale hat. Because it’s awkward and clashy…”
  • “Well… It’s easier to focus on the negativities. They’re always louder. But remember that there are those of us who love these photos for their fairytale vibes.”



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