Kim Woojin gears up to rock

Kim Woojin gears up to rock with ‘I like the way’
Kim Woojin gears up to rock with 'I like the way'

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Kim Woojin is gearing up to rock with Cubs with his up coming and 3rd mini album release [ I like the way ] on April 22nd at 6pm KST (Korean Standard Time), the artist will show off his various charms in the following tracks: I like the way (Title Track), Pretty Mess, What U Say, Hold and To my Friend.¬†The article release has also been confirmed be the popular news article sites The Korea Herald and Korea Joong Ang Daily, the articles referencing Kim Woojin’s past, musical works as well as his successful tour in Europe.¬†

Apart from his OST (Official SoundTrack) releases the artist would do with the K Dramas [ Let Me Be Your Knight, 2021 ], [ Reborn Rich ] 2022 and [ King the Land ] in 2023, Kim Woojin is set to show off his further relatable yet rebellious charms in the [ On Stage ] and [ Off Stage ] concept photo releases. 

Album Off Stage and On Stage Version shared by Kim Woojin on SNS.

Kim Woojin Instagram Post. (2024, April) 

Kim Woojin Instagram Post. (2024, April) 

Throughout the announcement of the album itself, not only would the idol celebrate his birthday with fans, but he would also announce to Cubs (The Official Name for Kim Woojin’s Solo fanbase) that he would be joining the popular fan community and SBS platform known as ‘WeVerse’ on April 2nd.¬†To check out his community on WeVerse you can do so here: Kim Woojin Weverse.

Kim Woojin is known amongst his fanbase for his adorable attempts at communicating with fans in Spanish and English, often answering fan questions in live streams on his own youtube page; being humble, timid and an impressive vocalist. 

He is also known within his fan base for being one of the first (known) artists to create a website where fans can create their own fan club logo in their own favourite colours to show their support for Kim Woojin. 

As fans gear up for the album release themselves, many are celebrating how Kim Woojin him not only hitting 700K subscribers, but on the way to 800K. A very impressive yet difficult feat for any solo artist within the South Korean Music industry and those in the solo industry due to the competitiveness of the industry in general with artists not only constantly debuting but because of how much harder solo artists and smaller companies have to work to grab the attention of both the public and to grow their own fanbase in Korea and globally.  

Kim Woojin gears up to rock with 'I like the way'
Youtube Channel Screenshot by BeBeCarat0.

Meanwhile, check out his solo debut and other music releases on your favourite music streaming platform or check out some of his music stages and most popular covers below! 

Lead Single ‘Ready Now’.¬†

‘Still Dream’ The show Music Stage.¬†

‘On the Way’ Latest Release Title.

Ed Sheeran Shivers Cover Live. 

Talking to the Moon Cover. 

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