RIIZE Shines as a Dazzling Jewel

RIIZE Shines as a Dazzling Jewel on Hong Seok-cheon’s Jewelry Box

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On April 23, 2024, the entertainment industry in South Korea once again found itself at the center of attention. A new episode released on the YouTube channel “Hong Seok-cheon’s Jewelry Box” featured the popular group RIIZE as special guests, eliciting a fervent response from fans. The video, titled “RIIZE Completes the Impossible Topgay,” brought great joy to viewers through the delightful interactions between Hong Seok-cheon and the members of RIIZE.

Hong Seok-cheon introduced each member of RIIZE, highlighting their individual charms. In particular, the praise for Sung Chan’s eyes drew significant attention. Sung Chan revealed that he is most confident in his eyes, sharing that fans have complimented him for having ‘deer-like’ eyes. Along with the candid conversation with Hong Seok-cheon, the friendly atmosphere among the members impressed upon the audience the diverse appeal of RIIZE once more.

Furthermore, Anton’s humorous anecdote turned the set into a sea of laughter. The story of Anton seeking help from Yoon Sang to relieve tension, along with Hong Seok-cheon’s jokes, doubled the fun of the program. Hong Seok-cheon also discussed Anton’s fashion sense, taking time to revisit past fashion trends.

Through their appearance on “Hong Seok-cheon’s Jewelry Box,” RIIZE showcased their various charms and tight-knit teamwork once again. The delightful conversation with Hong Seok-cheon, as well as the moments filled with deep affection and respect for each other, provided fans with even more precious memories.

The meeting between RIIZE and “Hong Seok-cheon’s Jewelry Box” sparked new interest within the Korean entertainment industry, raising expectations for what they will show in the future.

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