Foreigner Tries To Drug Korean Woman

Foreigner Tries To Drug Korean Woman In Itaewon With Tampered Chocolate

He identified himself as “Haman.”

A streamer in South Korea has gone viral after posting about her experience. She had been filming a live stream in Itaewon peacefully, eating her dinner. The streamer, who goes by the name “Shining Gakyungie,” shared her experience at a pizza place.

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A foreigner who identified himself using the name Haman had approached her and given her a large chocolate. Although she asks for his age, he was unable to understand Korean and simply responded with “Haman,” his name. Itaewon is known for its large amount of foreigners. At first, she didn’t think much of it, and thanked him for his kindness. A viewer suddenly warned her that people have been kidnapped after eating chocolate from strangers.

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She quickly examined the chocolate, finding a suspicious pin-sized hole. She guessed that the chocolate may have been injected with a drug. Compared to drinks, it is much harder to drug solid food, thus lowering many people’s guards.

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She pointed out that the chocolate area right below the pin-sized hole was strangely of a different color compared to the rest of the chocolate. She could see that there was definitely some sort of liquid that had been injected into that area, giving it a different color.

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Thank the heavens for her viewers! If she had simply eaten the chocolate, god knows what might have happened.

The matter soon went viral online.

The world is so scary. A world where you have to be suspicious of someone else’s kindness.

— allanggamola_

If it were me, I’d have downed it in one bite, chewing vigorously. I wouldn’t have even noticed a needle mark and just gone to heaven like that.

— ajjrago_

So impressive of their sincerity to come and do sh*t like this in someone else’s country.

— white_lover0326

Hopefully the perpetrator will be caught!

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