PSYCHIC FEVER From EXILE TRIBE Member Videobombing NCT’s Jeno Goes Viral

We need a collab yesterday.

A current trend on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) is for fans to create threads of their favorite artist’s viral moments. So, recently, an NCTzen made one for NCT‘s Jeno.

One of these viral moments was a video of Jeno sitting and looking particularly attractive at The 2022 Genie Music Awards, held at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon, South Korea. The new tweet garnered 964.8K views at the time of writing. 

As this clip resurfaced, netizens couldn’t ignore the handsome man behind the NCT member…

The smiling man behind Jeno is none other than J-Pop boy group PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE rapper and our favorite cowboy, Tsurugi! He was videobombing the NCT member, as he was sitting behind him.

Tsurugi | LDH JAPAN
Tsurugi | LDH JAPAN

Multi-fans couldn’t believe two of their favs were sitting near each other. It feels like a crossover episode! The clip pointing out Tsurugi went viral with 901.8K views at the time of writing.

Imagine how iconic a PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE x NCT collab would be!



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