ASTRO’s JinJin Surprises Fans with a

ASTRO’s JinJin Surprises Fans with a Special Gift

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In a heartwarming tribute to the enduring bond between members and their fans, ASTRO’s JinJin has released a new digital single titled ‘Fly (Duet with. Moonbin(ASTRO))’ today, marking a special occasion for the group. This release is not just a song but a testament to the deep connection ASTRO shares with their fans, especially on poignant anniversaries such as today’s.

‘Fly’ emerges as a beacon of JinJin’s musical prowess, showcasing his talents in both songwriting and composition. The track is dedicated to fans who have longed to see Moonbin, offering comfort and solace through its melodies. What makes ‘Fly’ particularly special is its collaborative nature; not only did JinJin and Moonbin work together on this project, but Moonbin’s vocals are also a focal point of the song, making it a meaningful gift to their supporters.

This release is part of JinJin’s larger musical journey, which began last month with the launch of his music project ‘JIN LAB’. The project kicked off with ‘Good Enough’, a track that encapsulates JinJin’s genuine emotions and musical identity. Moreover, ASTRO celebrated their 8th debut anniversary on February 23rd with the release of the special single ‘Circles’, promising a future filled with unwavering friendship and shared moments with their fans.

‘Fly (Duet with. Moonbin(ASTRO))’ is now available for streaming on various online music platforms, offering fans a new way to connect with ASTRO’s music. This release not only underscores JinJin’s artistic growth but also reaffirms ASTRO’s commitment to their fans, promising more heartfelt music and shared moments in the future.

As we look forward to what ASTRO has in store, ‘Fly’ stands as a poignant reminder of the power of music to bridge distances and bring people closer. It’s a celebration of friendship, collaboration, and the unbreakable bond between ASTRO and their fans.


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