Park MyungSoo became a topic of

Park MyungSoo became a topic of interest after revealing his special connection with Jung In on the airwaves of South Korea

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Recently on KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” which was broadcast live on April 18, 2024, Park MyungSoo shared a story that piqued the curiosity of the public. As usual, he approached the broadcast with enthusiasm, aiming to interact with his listeners.

During the broadcast, Park MyungSoo answered various concerns from listeners in the “MyungSoo’s Choice” segment. One listener mentioned that their double eyelid surgery from 10 years ago was coming undone and was contemplating getting surgery again. To this, Park MyungSoo firmly advised, “Definitely get it redone. Your 30s are the most beautiful time, so you should do everything when you’re most beautiful.” Additionally, stories about shopping addiction, a wife addicted to acupuncture, and a husband who bought luxury goods instead were shared, captivating the listeners.

A particularly interesting part occurred in the latter half of the show. In the segment “Find the Master of Imitation,” listeners imitating the voices of singers Hyunsook and Lee SoRa brought great laughter. Moreover, when a listener stepped up to sing Jung In’s “Rainy Season” and “Hate You,” Park MyungSoo mentioned how he and Jung In look alike, sparking interest. His humorous response, “It became a topic because Jung In and I look alike. What can I do? I was born first,” brought laughter to the listeners.

Park MyungSoo’s pleasant and sincere demeanor is the secret to his long-standing popularity as a broadcaster. There’s much anticipation for more stories and anecdotes he will share in the future. It’s exciting to see what other amusing episodes the special connection between Park MyungSoo and Jung In will bring to future broadcasts.


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