Korean YouTuber Gets “American Makeup” From

Korean YouTuber Gets “American Makeup” From Sephora Worker And Things Go Hilariously Wrong

Kimmy Kim is a Korean YouTuber who lives in America, and she’s quickly going viral for showing the importance of finding a makeup style that suits your features.

The video starts with Kimmy showcasing her natural beauty as she goes to Sephora to get her makeup done.

Kimmy was excited for the makeup look, as she had a dinner with her in-laws later that day.

However, she didn’t expect this to happen!

Unable to hold her laughter, the dated makeup look had completely changed her face.

Just look at the HD photo in the natural lighting of her car: The makeup look included dated light purple eyeshadow, harsh eyebrows, extremely thick eyelashes and liner, bold blush, and a statement lip.


This makeup was not only out of trend, but but too overwhelming on her delicate features.

Her family had the funniest reactions, starting with her son who was a little weirded out by the new look…

…and her husband who could only say “Oh my God!”

When Kimmy removed the makeup and emerged in her own makeup style, it’s apparent just how important it is to find the right makeup that suits you.

With her makeup done by herself that suits her features, Kimmy looks gorgeous!

Screenshot 2024-04-17 180135

When comparing the two looks side by side, she almost looks like a different person!

Header Image - 2024-04-17T180730.700
Bold makeup (Left) vs Natural makeup (Right)

Watch the full video below.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/korean-youtuber-american-makeup-bad/

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