NCT DoYoung Unveils Collaboration Behind ‘Time

NCT DoYoung Unveils Collaboration Behind ‘Time Machine’

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In the heart of Seoul’s Seongdong-gu, at the D Tower Seoul Forest, NCT’s DoYoung shared insights into his first solo album ‘Foam of Youth’ during a press event held on April 19th. The album features an intriguing mix of talents, including vocals from Taeyeon and NCT Mark, offering a blend that has sparked considerable interest among fans.

DoYoung introduced the track ‘Time Machine,’ describing it as a song pondering whether the same love could be experienced if one were to travel back in time. He emphasized his role in the song, stating, “I wanted to be the bridge between Taeyeon and Mark. I believed that the focus should be on showcasing the harmony between their vocals, rather than having a solo part for myself.” This approach underscores the collaborative spirit of the project, showcasing the synergy between the artists rather than focusing on individual performances.

The singer went on to express his gratitude towards his collaborators, noting that both Taeyeon and Mark readily agreed to his proposal without any objections. “Taeyeon unnie is just too ‘Taeyeon’ (laughs). I was hesitant to ask directly, fearing she might find it difficult to refuse, but after listening to the song, she was supportive and even said she was happy to help kickstart this project,” DoYoung recounted, appreciating Taeyeon’s enthusiastic participation and dedication to the recording process.

Mark’s reaction was equally positive, with DoYoung sharing, “He was really proud of me. He admired how I brought the song together and felt honored to be part of it.” The decision to involve Mark in the songwriting, particularly for his self-composed rap, stemmed from a desire to capture his natural vocal charm and lyrical prowess. “He writes a lot of his own raps, so I knew he could do it. I wanted his authenticity to shine through in the lyrics,” DoYoung explained, expressing his thanks for Mark’s contribution.

This collaboration between DoYoung, Taeyeon, and Mark not only highlights their individual talents but also underscores the dynamic interactions and mutual respect among SM Entertainment’s artists. As fans eagerly embrace ‘Foam of Youth’ and its standout track ‘Time Machine,’ the anticipation for future projects from these artists continues to grow. The blend of vocal harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and the evident camaraderie among the collaborators has set a high bar for what’s to come.


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