HYBE Girl Group KATSEYE Under Fire

HYBE Girl Group KATSEYE Under Fire For “Copying” iKON With Their Fandom Name

Can you guess what they named their fans?

KATSEYE is a six-member girl group formed through the reality show Dream Academy, a collaboration between HYBE and Geffen Records. Composed of members Manon, Sophia, Daniela, Lara, Megan, and Yoonchae, they are a global group aimed at the American market.

Ahead of their debut, they announced their fandom name through a video on their YouTube channel.

Their fandom name was none other than EYEKONS, a play on their name KATSEYE and the word “icon.”


Many fans found it “refreshing,” saying it fit their concept and made them “even more excited for their debut.”

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On the other hand, several netizens noted that EYEKON sounds suspiciously similar to the K-Pop boy group iKON.

iKON | 143 Entertainment

The former YG Entertainment group debuted in 2015 and made their name known with hits such as “Love Scenario,” “My Type,” “Killing Me,” and more.

Though the announcement video was dropped over a week ago on April 12, it began circulating on social media once again due to a similar issue with fellow HYBE group ILLIT. The latter’s company, BELIFT LAB, was heavily criticized for choosing the fandom name LILLY.

Not only was it the same name as NMIXX member Lilly, but it was also the existing fandom name of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

FI (28)
NMIXX’s Lilly (Left) and BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Right) | Mnet & SBS

Netizens accused HYBE of lacking originality due to the back-to-back issues with ILLIT and KATSEYE.

They asked them to change KATSEYE’s fandom name out of respect to iKON who debuted first.

Read more about HYBE’s fandom name issue below.

ILLIT’s Fandom Name Receives Massive Backlash From Netizens

Source: Reddit and YouTube

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/hybe-girl-group-katseye-fire-fandom-name-ikon/

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