NCT Doyoung sings about youth in

NCT Doyoung sings about youth in his first solo album

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NCT member Doyoung showcases his musical spectrum without limits by presenting his first solo album ‘The Foam of Youth (YOUTH)’, which captures the various emotions of youth in his own color. Scheduled to be fully released on April 22 at 6 PM, the album consists of a total of 10 songs that express the emotions experienced by youth, including the title track ‘Firefly (Little Light)’.

In this album, the song ‘Warmth’ is notable for its ballad tune, harmonizing Doyoung’s warm vocals with soft piano melodies and string sounds. Acting as a small light that brightens life’s dark moments and delivers a message of hope, this song offers a calm yet profound resonance to its listeners. Another track, ‘Lost In California’, stands out as a pop-rock song with its grand guitar sound and catchy melody, where Doyoung’s powerful vocals sincerely convey the loneliness and fear experienced in the journey towards dreams, leaving a deep impression.

Doyoung’s first solo album ‘The Foam of Youth (YOUTH)’ is expected to set a new milestone in his musical journey. By delicately capturing the complex emotions of youth, this album is expected to leave a lasting emotional impact on its listeners. There is growing anticipation for the different sides of Doyoung that this album will reveal and for his future activities.


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