ATEEZ Crowd At 2024 Coachella Was

ATEEZ Crowd At 2024 Coachella Was So Loud That They Were Heard From Other Stages

They could even be heard from the furthest stage!

ATEEZ made history at 2024 Coachella over the weekend as the first-ever K-Pop boy group to perform at the famous music festival, and they exceeded expectations by delivering a phenomenal performance.

Although ATEEZ weren’t performing on the main stage and were rumored to have a “small crowd” in attendance, they indeed made themselves and their fandom heard.

While the crowd did the fanchant for “Say My Name,” another song shook the entire desert.

During “Guerrilla,” ATEEZ lead their iconic “Break The Wall” fanchant. The crowd was so loud that they could be heard from the other artists’ stages.


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♬ 3 Minutes of Silence – Kent Nazareth Yoga Man

ATEEZ performed on the Sahara stage. Yet, their fanchant could be heard from not only the Mojave stage but even the Coachella main stage, which is the farthest one from the Sahara!

Check out more moments from ATEEZ’s legendary Coachella performance below.

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