Lim YoungWoong’s “Polaroid” music video surpasses

Lim YoungWoong’s “Polaroid” music video surpasses 24 million views!

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In the South Korean pop music scene, another significant milestone has been reached. Lim YoungWoong’s new song “Polaroid” music video quickly surpassed 24 million views, once again proving his immense popularity. Released on November 14, 2022, through Lim YoungWoong’s official YouTube channel, the music video became a hot topic and rapidly accumulated views within just a week of its release.

The “Polaroid” music video starts off by capturing Lim YoungWoong’s diverse charms in a busy studio setting, giving the audience a feeling as if they are right there on set. This close-up view offers a chance to see Lim YoungWoong’s natural and genuine side. Most importantly, the music video captivated fans by showcasing his various attractions.

Lim YoungWoong’s popularity is not limited to digital platforms. He is set to meet his fans once again during a solo concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on May 25 and 26, 2023. With tickets sold out immediately upon release, it reflects the high anticipation for his live performance.

Thus, Lim YoungWoong continues to expand his musical domain and holds an important position in the pop music market. The achievement of the “Polaroid” music video is just the beginning, and there is growing anticipation for his future activities. This is why Lim YoungWoong’s next move is highly awaited.


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