HYBE Initiates Audit Of ADOR’s Management

HYBE Initiates Audit Of ADOR’s Management Including CEO Min Hee Jin

HYBE has initiated an audit of its label ADOR.

ADOR is a HYBE label that Min Hee Jin founded in 2021 and is home to NewJeans. HYBE holds an 80 percent stake of ADOR, while the remaining 20 percent is held by Min Hee Jin and the ADOR management.

On April 22, industry representatives reported that HYBE initiated an audit of the ADOR management after detecting attempts by ADOR to become independent. HYBE reportedly called for a shareholders’ meeting to hold the ADOR management accountable and to also appoint an additional ADOR director from HYBE as both of ADOR’s current directors came to the company with Min Hee Jin from SM Entertainment. It was additionally reported that HYBE sent a document calling for Min Hee Jin’s resignation as ADOR’s CEO.

In response to the reports, HYBE briefly commented, “It is true that an audit was initiated.”

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