Learn The Korean Word For Homecooked

Learn The Korean Word For Homecooked Meals – "Jip Bap"

Do you ever just miss home food? When you’ve had enough of eating out, and you’re longing for the comfort of a homecooked meal, especially by a loved one? Homecooked meals are very special, both for the ones doing the cooking and those who enjoy the cooking. So, let’s learn the Korean word for homecooked meals – Jip Bap. Jip Bap (집밥) means “homecooked meal” or “homemade food.” However, in addition to using this word to mean exactly homecooked meals, Koreans also use it to describe food that tastes like home. So, if you’re at a restaurant in Korea and your Korean friend says that the food tastes like “jip bap”, they’re saying that the food tastes great and authentic, just like a homemade meal. It is a compliment. Accordingly, there are also restaurants that specialize in jip bap. So, even if you are technically eating outside, you could be eating jip bap! In Red Velvet member SeulGi’s latest YouTube video titled, “Seulgi’s Home Cooking Diary 🍴Tailored Recipes for Workers and Those living alone”, SeulGi shows her fans a ton of fun and delicious jip bap recipes. You can watch the video below! You can use ‘jip bap’ in a sentence as follows: 매일 집밥을 먹으면 건강에 좋아요. Maeil jipbapeul meogeumyeon geongang-e johayo. Eating homemade meals every day is good for your health. To learn more Korean words and phrases, stay tuned to Your Korea Tutor – Kpopmap!

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