Fights Break Out At Airport As

Fights Break Out At Airport As Fans Wait for Their Idols

There were injuries.

On April 19, fans gathered at the Hong Kong International Airport to catch a glimpse of Hong Kong boy group MIRROR.

MIRROR’s latest single featuring NBA star Damian Lillard | @mirror.weare/Instagram

MIRROR had been on the North American leg of their world tour Feel The Passion 2024, and was scheduled to return to Hong Kong after their show in Toronto.

However, hours before the group arrived, videos and photos capturing the chaotic scenes at the airport surfaced.

In one video, fans could be heard screaming, “Go away,” “Let go of my phone,” and “Don’t hit people, I’m filming you.” This allegedly happened as fans were fighting over their spots.

Amid the chaos, at least one fan was seen fallen on the ground.

The fan was left with scratches and bruises.

Allegedly, the Airport Authority Hong Kong had told the fans they were not allowed to save spots and gather around the VIP exit. However, some fans refused to leave despite multiple warnings from the security guards.

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Fights Break Out At Airport As Fans Wait for Their Idols

Posted by Koreaboo on Friday 19 April 2024


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