Korean TV Writers Demand Fairness in

Korean TV Writers Demand Fairness in Royalty Dispute

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In a captivating turn of events that has gripped the Korean entertainment industry, the Korean Television Writers Association has issued a strong call for an apology and resolution regarding the controversy surrounding the registration of writers, including the case involving PD Nam Gyu-hong of ‘I Am Solo.’ On April 15, the association vehemently countered Nam’s claims that writers were monopolizing rerun fees rightfully belonging to PDs and challenged the notion that a standard contract proposed by the writers was inapplicable because it was designed for dramas.

The heart of the dispute lies in allegations that Nam Gyu-hong, alongside other PDs and notably including his own daughter, were credited as writers not for their contributions to scriptwriting but in a bid to share in the lucrative rerun fees. This move, considered unprecedented in the industry, was sharply criticized by the association, which argued that such actions undermine the integrity of the creative process and the rightful earnings of actual writers.

The controversy initially erupted when it was revealed that Nam Gyu-hong had included his and his daughter’s names in the writer credits for ‘I Am Solo,’ produced by Chonjang Entertainment and directed by Nam himself, raising suspicions of exploiting the system for financial gain. Further compounding the issue was the revelation that low-ranking writers not affiliated with the association were being denied their rights to rerun fees, based on contracts that had been altered to omit copyright clauses.

In response to the backlash, Chonjang Entertainment defended its position, stating that the inclusion of PDs’ names in the writer credits since November 2023 was a policy change unrelated to rerun fees, emphasizing that it was done to reflect the substantial role they play in the creative process.

The Korean Television Writers Association has stood firm in its stance, clarifying that the distribution of rerun fees is a legal right protected under copyright law, which accords the scriptwriters – not PDs or their relatives performing unrelated tasks like subtitle writing – the entitlement to such earnings. The association has also highlighted the broader issue of unfair contracts and the exploitation of writers within the industry, calling for immediate action from both Chonjang Entertainment and the broadcasters involved, ENA and SBS PLUS, to rectify the situation and ensure such disputes do not recur.

As the industry watches closely, this case has become a pivotal moment in the ongoing dialogue around copyright, creative rights, and the fair treatment of writers in the Korean entertainment sector. With the Korean Television Writers Association leading the charge, there’s a growing call for transparency, fairness, and respect for the creative forces that drive the industry, laying down a marker for future disputes of this nature.

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