Korean Couple Gets Flamed For Public

Korean Couple Gets Flamed For Public Indecency In Thailand During Water Festival

A Korean couple has been caught for indecency in Thailand. As the Song Kran festivities are currently ongoing, many tourists have been flying into the country to partake in the fun. One such couple had gone to participate in the water festival, dressing down in only beach shorts for the games.

It seems like they were unable to control themselves ultimately, and were caught for public indecency. Thai netizens called them out for their actions through a tweet on April 14, 2024. They had allegedly engaged in sexual activities by the road side.

Videos of their actions quickly circulated around X (formerly Twitter). The initial accusatory tweet has since gained over 15 million views in just a day.

| @emmynoparat1/X

Netizens from all over the world are highly critical of their behavior.

Even fellow Koreans have called them “a shame on the country.”

Two Korean b*stards were engaging in sexual acts in Thailand, causing criticism. Why are they like that, f*ck.

— inamokkaimnida

Others point out that while Thailand respects personal freedom, many foreigners seem to take it for granted.


Although it is a celebratory festival, it is also an event that marks the start of the traditional Thai New Year. Many are critical of the couple, as it shows great disrespect. As visitors to a foreign country, they should have conducted themselves with greater discretion, showing respect to Thailand.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/korean-couple-indecency-thailand-new-year/

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