Korean Netizens Are Quick To Defend

Korean Netizens Are Quick To Defend ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon And Jake For Taking A Photo With A Japanese Sex Worker

They didn’t know.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon and Jake were recently seen attending an event for Tiffany & Co in Japan. At the event, they were photographed with a Japanese lady, whom which the public soon identified as a famous hostess and cabaret club owner.

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While some expressed their discomfort at seeing the boys with a sex worker, other Korean netizens quickly stepped up to defend them. At events, it is common for attendees to take photos with others, often not knowing who they are.

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  • The title of the article is such clickbait. What Japanese are embarrassed of is how cabaret workers are now even getting invited to luxury brand events and acting up LOL.
  • Do you really think they took the photo knowing? I’m a fan of another group.
  • Would ENHYPEN have known? They probably took it as they were asked to.
  • This is a legendary forced drag.
  • And generally speaking, who would ever think that a sex worker would come to a luxury brand event? They would’ve been surprised at the article too. Do they have to ask people what their jobs are before taking a photo with them in order to avoid negative articles at Japanese events? Even if they asked, they’d probably just reply that they’re a celeb or influencer.
  • Are you joking? Of course if they knew they wouldn’t take a photo. It’s weird how she was even invited.
  • How would they know her?
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  • Ah, what a forced drag.
  • How would they know that?
  • A hostess?
  • What?
  • Seems like she asked them for a photo LOL. I’m speechless. There would be hundreds of people asking them for pics at such events. How would they know what they all do? She was even invited by the brand without knowing she was a hostess.
  • Isn’t it the fault of the brand who invited them to sell themselves at the event? No, but I wonder how the direction of events change so much by country. How can they invited a hostess?

With everyone defending the boys, it seems like the fault has fallen onto the brand for their indiscretion in invites. HYBE has also responded to the matter in a similar manner. You can read more about it below.

Controversy Erupts After ENHYPEN Members Are Spotted With Controversial Adult Hostess

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/korean-netizens-react-enhypen-member-seen-adult-establishment-worker/

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