K-Pop Glitters in Kaohsiung: Golden Wave’s

K-Pop Glitters in Kaohsiung: Golden Wave’s Triumphant Return

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In a dazzling display of K-Pop’s universal appeal, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, became the epicenter of the Korean wave on the night of May 13th. The much-anticipated ‘GOLDEN WAVE in TAIWAN’ festival, held at the National Stadium in Kaohsiung, marked a spectacular comeback after a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event, first initiated in 2020, drew in an overwhelming crowd, filling all 40,000 seats with fans eager to immerse themselves in the joyous celebration of K-Pop.

The festival kicked off with electrifying performances from a star-studded lineup, promising a night to remember. &TEAM, (G)I-DLE, BOYNEXTDOOR, BSS, ENHYPEN, JD1, NMIXX, STAYC, and ZEROBASEONE took to the stage, each act delivering performances that showcased the breadth and depth of K-Pop’s talent. Among the night’s highlights were BOYNEXTDOOR’s dynamic renditions of ‘One and Only’ and their new song ‘OUR,’ despite their busy schedule ahead of a domestic comeback. The group expressed their thrill over performing in Kaohsiung for the first time, a sentiment echoed by ZEROBASEONE, who debuted their exhilarating tracks ‘In Bloom,’ ‘CRUSH,’ and ‘New Kidz on the Block.’

Adding to the festival’s international flair, JD1 wowed the audience with their debut Taiwanese performance, including a cover of Super Junior’s ‘Miracle,’ a song that has topped Taiwan’s music charts for 209 weeks. &TEAM, currently active in Japan, also left a lasting impression with their powerful performances of ‘Dropkick’ and ‘FIREWORK,’ highlighting the group’s intense energy and charisma.

The event also spotlighted girl groups’ prowess, with NMIXX and STAYC captivating the audience. NMIXX’s performance became even more memorable as they celebrated member Jiwoo’s birthday on stage, adding a personal touch to their set. STAYC, returning to Taiwan after a concert earlier in the year, performed fan favorites, further solidifying their popularity abroad.

The festival’s conclusion was masterfully handled by BSS, who delivered an unforgettable performance, including the live debut of their ballad from the tvN drama ‘Queen of Tears’ OST. The event was seamlessly held together by the charismatic MC, Cho YoungWoo, whose rapport with the audience and idols alike added a unique layer of engagement to the festivities.

‘GOLDEN WAVE in TAIWAN’ not only served as a triumphant return for the festival but also as a testament to K-Pop’s enduring appeal and influence across borders. Fans globally can look forward to reliving the magic of the night as the event is set to be broadcasted on May 4th at noon on JTBC and Japan’s Lemino channel. As the lights dimmed on Kaohsiung’s National Stadium, it was clear that the ‘GOLDEN WAVE’ had once again made its mark, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its next iteration.

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