Kino’s Debut EP Unveils: A Journey

Kino’s Debut EP Unveils: A Journey from Heartbreak to Love

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In an industry teeming with talent and creativity, Kino, formerly of PENTAGON, has taken a bold step forward by revealing the creative process behind his first EP titled ‘If This Is Love, I Want a Refund’. Released on Naked’s official YouTube channel on April 23rd, the ‘Production Summary’ video provides an intimate glimpse into the making of this highly anticipated project.

The video captures the essence of Kino’s dedication and professionalism, showcasing behind-the-scenes moments from the music video shoot and recording sessions. His hands-on approach to the production, coupled with his earnest involvement, offers fans a raw look at the artistry and emotion that has gone into the EP. Kino’s words at the end of the video, “I believe the songs in this album are good. I hope everyone will love them,” reflect his confidence and anticipation for the audience’s reception.

Kino’s debut EP encapsulates the spectrum of emotions experienced in love, from the anger following a breakup to the thrill of new beginnings. The title track, ‘Broke My Heart,’ features the renowned American rapper Lay Bankz, adding a unique depth to the album. Comprising a total of five tracks, Kino has poured his heart and soul into the EP, contributing as the chief producer, lyricist, and composer for all the songs.

The release of ‘If This Is Love, I Want a Refund’ is scheduled for May 2nd at 6 PM KST, across various music platforms. This EP marks a significant milestone in Kino’s career, symbolizing his evolution as an artist and his capacity to weave intricate emotions into his music. As the release date approaches, anticipation is building for what promises to be a compelling exploration of love’s multifaceted nature, through Kino’s artistic lens.

Kino’s venture into a solo career with this EP not only signifies his growth as an artist but also offers a fresh perspective on love and heartache, resonating with listeners worldwide. As fans eagerly await the launch, the music industry looks on with keen interest, anticipating the impact of Kino’s heartfelt narratives on the global music scene. Stay tuned for what promises to be a profound musical journey that will captivate hearts and provoke thought, establishing Kino as a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.


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