ILLIT Wonhee’s Photos From Elementary School

ILLIT Wonhee’s Photos From Elementary School Are Going Viral

She was just as adorable then as she is now!

If you think ILLIT‘s Wonhee is adorable now, some recently released pictures of her from her elementary school years are arguably even cuter!

Wonhee (ILLIT)

For the 16-year-old K-Pop idol, these years weren’t as far back as they are for the majority of rookie idols who are at least a few years older. But she has still grown a lot from these times, as evidenced by the shared pictures.


The images were shared on a popular online forum, and the post has over 55,000 views at this time, showing how much fans are fawning over Wonhee’s adorableness!

| The Qoo
| The Qoo

She looks the same, albeit a little younger, with the same adorable, squishy cheeks and bright eyes.

| The Qoo
| The Qoo

Some of the pictures seem to be from a little more recently, with her dark outfit giving her a bit more of a mature aura — while still remaining incredibly cute.

| The Qoo
| The Qoo

Korean netizens can’t help but fawn over these sweet, endearing pictures! Some are joking that they must have been taken more recently than they actually were, given how young Wonhee still looks.






  • “Wow, this baby is so sweet and cute…”
  • “But this was only a few years ago lol.”
  • “She was always pretty. She’s a baby.”
  • “What year was she born?”
  • “Wow, so pretty…”
  • “I think these were taken yesterday lol.”
  • “Did she graduate yesterday?”
  • “She achieved her dream quickly. So cute lol.”
  • “Princess, your future dream came true lolol.”


It seems like Wonhee was destined to be an idol from the beginning!


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