Kim Tae-gyun Joins the Ultimate Food

Kim Tae-gyun Joins the Ultimate Food Battle: What to Expect

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In the dynamic realm of Korean entertainment, where stars often transcend their initial career paths to embrace new challenges, former professional baseball player turned commentator, Kim TaeGyun, has thrown his hat into an entirely different ring. Joining the ranks of ComedyTV’s new variety show, “Here Comes the Foodie Season 2,” Kim TaeGyun is set to showcase his extraordinary appetite, joining forces with heavyweights like Kang HoDong and KARA Hur YoungJi.

The anticipated second season of “Here Comes the Foodie” promises an exhilarating showdown among South Korea’s voracious eaters. With a lineup including renowned personalities such as A-Mee, Manli, YoonJi, Chef Lee WonIl, and ‘Physical: 100’ top 4 finalist Jo JinHyung, the show is poised to become a battleground for gastronomic supremacy. Known in the baseball circuit as a VVIP gourmand, Kim’s transition to food programs has been marked by his undeniable prowess in consuming copious amounts of food, a skill he humorously admits was less apparent during his athletic career. “I never realized how much I ate as an athlete. It was only after stepping into society that I discovered my capacity to eat was well above average,” Kim shared, reflecting on his eating habits.

Despite his newfound fame in the culinary entertainment scene, Kim confesses a greater affinity for baseball commentary, attributing this to his extensive experience in the sport. Nevertheless, he finds joy in the unique challenges and fun presented by food-related content. The camaraderie among the season’s new members, including Chef Lee WonIl and Jo JinHyung, has been a highlight for Kim, quickly adapting to the warm and welcoming atmosphere on set. He humorously noted his desire to challenge YoonJi to a one-on-one eating contest, showcasing his competitive spirit.

Kim pointed out the ‘Ultimate Food Debate’ segment as a must-watch, where the six food experts convene to settle the world’s most contentious food debates. “The variety of opinions on food among the members sparks lively discussions. This will undoubtedly be an entertaining aspect for the viewers,” he encouraged.

“Here Comes the Foodie Season 2” is slated to premiere on April 23 at 8 PM, offering viewers a front-row seat to the gastronomical feats and lively debates that define this unique variety show. As the culinary world collides with entertainment, one thing is certain: Kim TaeGyun’s journey from the baseball diamond to the dining table is a delightfully unexpected twist, promising viewers an engaging blend of competition, camaraderie, and cuisine.


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