Former T-ARA Member Areum Breaks Up

Former T-ARA Member Areum Breaks Up With Controversial Fiancé

The two are currently facing serious allegations.

Former T-ARA member Areum has broken up with her boyfriend.

Areum (right) and her boyfriend (left) | Nate

On April 19, SPOTV News reported that the former idol had broken up with her controversial boyfriend.

Areum had previously revealed she was engaged to her boyfriend in December. She made the revelation while also sharing that she was getting divorced from her previous husband.

Former T-ARA Member Areum Announces Her New Boyfriend…Right After Concluding Her First Marriage

Currently, Areum and her now-ex-boyfriend are suspected of defrauding fans and acquaintances out of ₩40.0 million KRW (about $29,000 USD). The former couple were alleged to have done so to support their gambling habits. Areum has since denied all allegations.

Rather than lend us money, the correct way to phrase it would be that there were people who helped us. I couldn’t receive help when I needed it for a ridiculous issue. I am using the money to sue those people and to get my children back. Although the hackers stole money, I borrowed money for a just cause. Life is about sharing what you have. If this was the other way around, I would have helped them, too. I don’t know anything about illegal gambling. I want to show you my phone. I was hacked. All the texts that my phone had sent out were from the hackers. They manipulated it the way they manipulate photos.

— Areum

You can read more about the allegations in the link below.

Dispatch Exposes Controversial Idol’s Boyfriend As Fraudster And Sexual Offender In Bombshell Report


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