Kim MooYul Debunks Myths of Anyang

Kim MooYul Debunks Myths of Anyang Arts High School’s “Three Emperors”

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In a candid revelation on the YouTube channel ‘Salon De Rip’, actor Kim MooYul has finally addressed the long-standing rumors surrounding the so-called “Three Emperors” of Anyang Arts High School. On April 16, Kim made an appearance on the show, dismantling the myth that he, along with celebrities Rain and Boom, were part of an elite trio during their high school days.

Kim MooYul clarified, “There was no such thing as the ‘Three Emperors.’ In the Department of Theater and Film, which had a total of 100 students, only 30 were males. Over three years, regardless of gender, everyone just became close friends through constant practice and classes.” He further shared insights into his high school life, revealing, “Actually, Rain and Boom, being active outside school from their first year, didn’t attend school as much, which probably added to their popularity.”

During the show, when host Jang DoYeon inquired if he ever danced behind the classroom, Kim humorously responded, “I did dance the ‘Roo’ra’ dance with Rain during a first-year field trip, under his guidance.” He also shared a glimpse into his personal life, especially about his wife Yoon SeungAh, “In front of my wife, I tend to be playful. She loves it when I do the ‘Krump’ dance from ‘Street Man Fighter.'”

Kim MooYul, renowned for his acting prowess, is set to captivate audiences with his role as the villain Baek Chang-ki, a former special forces mercenary in the much-anticipated ‘The Outlaws 4’, scheduled for release on April 24.

Kim’s candid revelations not only shed light on the misconceptions about the “Three Emperors” but also highlighted the warm and humorous side of his persona, both in his professional and personal life. As fans eagerly await his upcoming movie, Kim MooYul continues to charm and engage with his honesty and talent, promising more intriguing performances in the future.


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