Actress Cast Opposite Her Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend

Actress Cast Opposite Her Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend In Upcoming Series

Would you accept the role if it were you?

An actress was put in an awkward position when it came to the casting roles of her upcoming drama.

Xiang Yun

Xiang Yun is a veteran actress whose daughter, Chen Yi Xin, dated Malaysian actor Gavin Teo. Interestingly, the former is set to star in the drama, Undesirable Crimes, alongside him.

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Chen Yi Xin and Gavin Teo | @gavinchongzhe/Instagram

Undesirable Crimes is a Singaporean drama about a police task force that investigates a growing number of sexual crimes. Xiang Yun will be portraying the role of a psychologist while Gavin Teo is set to be an IT specialist.

When asked about this close connection to his ex-girlfriend, Gavin replied that it does not weigh much on his mind as he already has too many things to think about regarding the drama.

I haven’t had the time to think too much because I’ve been busy filming every day. It has been like that for the past few months.

Gavin Teo

It is public knowledge that Chen Yi Xin and Gavin Teo are still on good terms following their break-up. It was not surprising, therefore, that Gavin Teo did not find it awkward to be around his ex-girlfriend’s mother. He grew close to her and her husband after they made him, a Malaysian, feel welcome in Singapore.

In the end it wasn’t [awkward]. After all, we’ve known each other for so long. [Xiang Yun and husband Edmund Chen] are like my parents in Singapore and this bond would probably be here to stay,

 Gavin Teo

The family of XIang Yun and Chen Yi Xing | @chxnyixin/Instagram

Xiang Yun agreed with his words, saying that she had always seen him as son. She added that she hoped netizens would not make too many speculations about him and her daughter since “they’re all grown ups” anyway.

I’ve always doted on Gavin. He’s like a son to me. They’re all grown ups, we shouldn’t comment too much either.

Xiang Yun

| @gavinchongzhe/Instagram

Chen Yi Xin and Gavin Teo announced their breakup in February 2024. They were in a relationship since 2019.

Source: Today Online and Asia One

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