K-pop group DRIPPIN continues to achieve

K-pop group DRIPPIN continues to achieve their highest accomplishments in their music career with their fourth single “Beautiful Maze”

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Woollim Entertainment announced that the album sales skyrocketed after its release 3 days ago, leading to the initial stock being completely sold out. This success is thanks to the fervent interest and support from fans worldwide. Indeed, due to the continued orders even after the album sold out, the company decided to reorder.

“Beautiful Maze” surpassed 120,000 initial sales in just three days, marking a new career high for DRIPPIN. This figure is about eight times the initial sales of their previous single “Seven Sins”, setting a new record for the group. Furthermore, the title track “Beautiful Maze” immediately ranked high on the iTunes K-pop Top Songs charts in various countries upon its release, proving DRIPPIN’s international popularity.

DRIPPIN has attempted a bold transformation through the “Villain” trilogy and “Seven Sins”, and with “Beautiful Maze”, they have established a new domain through a youth concept, presenting a compelling universe. This diversity and spirit of challenge are likely reasons for the continuous love from fans.

The global fan base is keenly focused on how this success will impact DRIPPIN’s future music journey, and what new records they will set in the future. The journey of DRIPPIN continues, and anticipation for their next moves is growing even more.

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