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Go Kyung Pyo, Kang Han Na, Joo Jong Hyuk, And More Are All Smiles At Script Reading For “Frankly Speaking”

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Frankly Speaking” has shared a behind-the-scenes look from its script reading!

“Frankly Speaking” is a new romantic comedy starring Go Kyung Pyo as Song Ki Baek, a rising news anchor who lives strictly by the rules and has worked hard to build up a clean image. However, Song Ki Baek’s life takes a (literally) shocking turn when he is electrocuted in an accident, leading him to develop a strange condition that prevents him from lying.

In addition to director Jang Ji Yeon and scriptwriter Choi Kyung Sun, actors Go Kyung Pyo, Kang Han Na, Joo Jong Hyuk, Go Kyu Pil, Lee Bom Sori, Kang Ae Shim, Shin Jung Geun, Hwang Sung Bin, Lee Jin Hyuk, Baek Joo Hee, Kim Sae Byuk, Lee Min Goo, Patricia, Kim Young Joo, Lee Soo Mi, and more were present at the script reading that took place last year.

Go Kyung Pyo plays Song Ki Baek who is on the verge of being selected as a main news anchor. Go Kyung Pyo sincerely portrayed Song Ki Baek who develops a condition that prevents him from lying, creating laughter on set.

Kang Han Na takes on the role of On Woo Ju, who has been working as a variety show writer for 12 years. Her passionate energy made the filming set even more lively, and her chemistry with Go Kyung Pyo at the script reading brought great smiles to the cast and crew.

Joo Jong Hyuk portrays trot singer Kim Jung Heon. He shared, “For this project, I went all out to practice singing and the choreography like a singer who is preparing for an audition.” Joo Jong Hyuk captivated those present with his singing skills and realistic portrayal.

Furthermore, there is Go Kyu Pil who plays a senior announcer that Song Ki Baek opens up to, and Kang Ae Shim, Shin Jung Geun, Hwang Sun Bin, and Lee Jin Hyuk will also deliver laughter as Song Ki Baek’s unlikely family members. Meanwhile, On Woo Joo’s writer team will be portrayed by Lee Bom Sori, Lee Min Goo, and Patricia.

The production team shared, “Despite this being the first script reading, this was a set in which the experienced acting and teamwork of the actors who perfectly transformed into their charming characters shined. We are working hard to prepare in the hopes of delivering diverse fun through which the viewers who are exhausted from their tough and dry everyday lives can enjoy great laughter for at least one hour in their day. Please show lots of anticipation and interest until the premiere.”

Also check out a video from the script reading below!

“Frankly Speaking” will premiere on May 1 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

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