K-Pop Fan Gets Caught Breaking Into

K-Pop Fan Gets Caught Breaking Into Changing Rooms Backstage During Concert

They got caught pretending to be a staff member.

A Korean K-Pop fan was caught trespassing at a recent concert held on April 14, 2024 at K-Arena Yokohama. The Performance had been held there that day. The fan had pretended to be a staff member. They had gotten their hands on a staff T-shirt somehow.

The fan was caught breaking into the artists’ dressing rooms backstage. When detained, they claimed that they had lost their staff pass and were looking for it. They were caught as real staff members found them suspicious, due to the lack of staff pass on them. Usually, concert staff wear a special lanyard around their necks to indicate their identity. The make and design of these passes are kept strictly under wraps until the event day to prevent unauthorized copies.

The police were unable to glean a firm answer from the trespasser, who only claimed that she had “found the T-shirt somewhere” and refused to give her motive for breaking into the backstage area. Groups that performed that day included EVNNE, SHINee‘s Key, RIIZE, THE BOYZ, TWS, FANTASTICS, Da-iCE, and THE JET BOY BANGERZ.

Poster for the show.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/kpop-idol-fan-caught-trespassing-breaking-dressing-rooms/

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