Escape: Beyond the Boundaries of Pursuit

Escape: Beyond the Boundaries of Pursuit and Drama

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The action movie “Talju” is ready to captivate audiences. Starring Lee JeHoon and Koo KyoHwan, the film tells the story of a North Korean soldier’s attempt to defect to South Korea and the pursuing North Korean security officer determined to stop him. Directed by Lee JongPil, the dynamic confrontation between the two leads is generating much anticipation, bolstered by the release of the film’s launching poster and trailer.

“Talju” depicts the intense confrontation between Gyunam, a North Korean soldier ten years into his service, and Hyunsang, a North Korean security officer. The launching poster, featuring powerful phrases like “I’m just going my way” and “This is your fate,” highlights the conflict between the two characters, raising expectations for their emotional performance. Moreover, the chase scenes set in the demilitarized zone, with taglines like “Race towards tomorrow” and “Chase for today,” heighten the tension and spark curiosity about the outcome of their choices.

The released trailer showcases a life-and-death pursuit at the border between North and South Korea that is heart-pounding. The desperate situations and emotions of Gyunam and Hyunsang are conveyed urgently, drawing interest in how the actors’ performances will drive the story. Lee JeHoon and Koo KyoHwan bring their characters to life vividly, leaving a deep impression on the audience through the intense emotional changes experienced by their characters.

“Talju,” a work by director Lee JongPil, who has already proven his skill with “Samjin Group English TOEIC Class” and “Dorihwaga,” plans to deliver genre enjoyment and a relatable message through the extreme opposition between characters running towards ‘tomorrow’ and those defending ‘reality.’ With its July release approaching, “Talju,” featuring the passionate performances of Lee JeHoon, Koo KyoHwan, and Hong SaBin, under the direction of Lee JongPil, is highly anticipated to unfold a new story.

The film is expected to convey a message and provide deep reflection on human instincts, fate, and choices, going beyond just being an action movie. Audiences will experience the essence of drama unfolding between the longing for a new life and the walls of reality, through the heated acting duel between Lee JeHoon and Koo KyoHwan.


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