K-pop entertainment industry is opening new

K-pop entertainment industry is opening new horizons in content business by utilizing the intellectual property (IP) of artists

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This strategy is expanding into various fields such as games, webtoons, and merchandise production, bringing innovation to the revenue generation methods of entertainment companies.

A notable case is SM Entertainment recently partnering with Kakao Games to announce the production of ‘SM Game Station’ set to release in the latter half of the year. This mobile game is designed to allow players to become the manager of an artist, nurturing them and managing their album activities and promotional schedules. Users can experience the growth of the artist firsthand through the game and have the opportunity to decorate their own collection with photo cards obtained through various activities.

HYBE is also actively venturing into webtoon production using their artists’ IP. Despite strong backlash from fans, the webtoon ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ based on BTS has achieved a successful launch with its excellent storytelling and attractive character realization. Following this, HYBE continues to produce webtoons using other artists’ IP, offering fans a variety of content.

Meanwhile, other major entertainment companies like SM, YG, and JYP are also actively utilizing their artists’ IP through pop-up stores and merchandise production. They provide new experiences to fans through excellent concepts and creative collaborations, promoting the continuous development of the K-pop industry.

Thus, the strategy of utilizing artists’ IP by K-pop entertainment companies plays an important role in providing new forms of enjoyment to fans, beyond just generating revenue, and in expanding the diversity of the content industry. This change is expected to lead the trends in the K-pop industry and present more advanced forms of entertainment in the future.

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