Joyful Confessions and Mukbang Philosophy: Surprising

Joyful Confessions and Mukbang Philosophy: Surprising Stories from ‘Dolsing Fourmen’

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On SBS TV’s ‘Dolsing Fourmen’, at 9 PM on the 23rd, comedian Kim JunHyun, actress Lim YeJin, and Lee SangJun will appear to provide a variety of stories and laughter. From Kim JunHyun’s unique mukbang philosophy to Lim YeJin’s honest confessions about love and married life, this broadcast is expected to offer viewers a wide range of spectacles.

Lim YeJin will reveal for the first time on broadcast her love story that began with a workplace romance with her husband and will honestly share moments when she regretted her marriage due to differing senses of humor with her husband. Despite this, her statement, “Even if I were born again, I would marry my current husband,” coexists with laughter and emotion.

On the other hand, Kim JunHyun will reveal his own mukbang philosophy. Proclaiming that “noodle mukbang is a comprehensive art performance,” he demonstrates the differences in noodle slurping techniques between ramen and garak guksu, showcasing his expertise in mukbang. Moreover, he shares the story of how saying “Let’s casually eat chicken” began his love story with his current wife, introducing a new charm called ‘mukbang flirting.’

Lee SangJun’s claim to resemble actor Son SukKu also angered the cast members, but it is precisely these enjoyable and interesting episodes that raise expectations among viewers.

This broadcast of ‘Dolsing Fourmen’ is anticipated to once again provide genuine laughter and empathy to viewers through moments of laughter and emotion found in everyday life. We look forward to your continued interest and anticipation for the next stories filled with humanity and small joys in ‘Dolsing Fourmen’.


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