Iconic K-Drama Scene Is Going Viral

Iconic K-Drama Scene Is Going Viral Because Of HYBE And ADOR Min Hee Jin’s Feud — And It Involves SM Entertainment

“”Im in literal tears…”

Amid the drama with ADOR‘s CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE, an iconic K-Drama is going viral among fans.


As Min Hee Jin used to work with SM Entertainment, the company has become part of the narrative among netizens when it comes to her feud with HYBE.

Considering Min Hee Jin’s past with SM Entertainment, their history as a company, and then what’s happening with HYBE now, it’s not surprising that SM became involved in the drama as netizens shared their own thoughts on the “drama.”

With all three companies being mentioned, an iconic K-Drama scene is going viral, and it’s from Park Min Young‘s K-Drama Marry My Husband.

The poster for “Marry My Husband”

In the scene, Park Min Young’s character is looking at the woman who stole her husband and congratulates her for “picking up” her trash, which alludes to her ex-husband. In the video, netizens said that Park Min Young is SM Entertainment, Song Ha Yoon is HYBE, and the “trash” being Lee Yi Kyung was meant to represent Min Hee Jin.

When the tweet was posted about the scene and ongoing drama…

Netizens couldn’t get over the hilarious comparison. Whether it was fans watching the drama unfold or those who didn’t care, netizens found the link between the three companies and the K-Drama scene truly iconic.

While it is an uncertain time for HYBE and its artists, it’s not surprising that netizens are seeing the funny side of it.

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