IU’s Arrival In The Philippines Soured

IU’s Arrival In The Philippines Soured By “Inconsiderate” And “Rude” Fans At The Airport

K-Pop star IU‘s recent arrival in the Philippines was marred by the rude behavior of some fans at the airport. On May 30, the “Love Wins All” singer touched down at Ninoy Aquino International Airport ahead of her highly anticipated June 1 concert at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.



Unfortunately, several mishaps occurred during her arrival. Many fans hoarded the snacks that IU had thoughtfully gifted them, choosing to keep entire packs for themselves instead of sharing with others as the singer had intended.

Additionally, instead of waiting patiently behind the designated barricades, a large group of people surged past the barriers and chased after her car as it departed. This chaotic scene prevented IU from properly greeting and waving to Uaenas, a gesture she always performs happily.

One woman in particular rudely shoved her phone through the open window to take a video of IU, disregarding both the singer’s personal space and the safety of everyone involved.

The inconsiderate behavior of a few soured the entire atmosphere, making it especially heartbreaking for the true fans who had patiently waited behind the barricade for hours.

This incident is particularly disheartening given IU’s previous efforts to address such behavior. In 2019, she issued a heartfelt reminder to her fans, emphasizing the importance of safety and order during her arrivals and departures.

Let’s all be a little careful at the airport,” she had urged. “We can’t greet each other if it’s like this. Okay everyone? Let’s be a little bit more careful with each other. It’s dangerous if you run too fast. Understand?


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