Han Hyo Joo And Oguri Shun’s Romance Blossoms

Han Hyo Joo And Oguri Shun’s Romance Blossoms Over Shared Love For Chocolate In Upcoming Netflix Rom-Com

Han Hyo Joo and Oguri Shun’s upcoming Netflix rom-com “Romantics Anonymous” (literal title) has unveiled its first stills!

Based on the French film “Les Émotifs anonymes (“Romantics Anonymous”), the series follows the romance story of a chocolatier who suffers from social anxiety as she gets hired at a small chocolate store. The upcoming series will be helmed by director Shô Tsukikawa who previously created “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” and “The 100th Love With You.”

In addition to Han Hyo Joo and Oguri Shun, Yuri Nakamura and Jin Akanishi have also been confirmed for the drama.

Han Hyo Joo takes on the role of Hana Lee, a brilliant chocolatier who conceals her identity due to her fears of social interactions.

Oguri Shun portrays Sosuke Fujiwara, the new owner of a popular chocolate shop with a traumatic past.

Yuri Nakamura plays Irene, a prominent psychologist and author who serves as both Sosuke’s physician and Hana’s counselor. Despite her professional achievements, Irene grapples with her own struggles.

Lastly, Jin Akanishi joins the cast as Hiro Takada, a bar owner whom Hana secretly harbors feelings for. He’s been friends with Sosuke since their school days.

Han Hyo Joo shared her thoughts on joining the series, stating, “I’m delighted to be part of this collaborative project between Korea and Japan. I approach filming with the mindset of a rookie actor, feeling a bit nervous yet excited about being part of the production. I will do my best until the very end to create a good drama. I ask for your interest and support.”

“Romantics Anonymous” is currently filming in Japan and is set to be released worldwide through Netflix in 2025. Stay tuned for more updates!

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