In the ever-changing world, the broadcasting

On April 10, 2024, due to the broadcast of the 22nd National Assembly elections, many broadcast programs faced cancellation. However, even amidst these circumstances, there are programs that continue to air as scheduled, capturing the audience’s attention. Among them are KBS2’s daily drama ‘The Two Sisters’, tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’, and the variety programs ‘I Am Solo’ on SBS Plus and ENA. In particular, ‘I Am Solo’ has captivated viewers by revealing the results of new dating choices in a 120-minute special. In this program, single men and women check each other’s true feelings in a reed field, promising another twist. The surprising reactions of MCs Lee YiKyung and Song Haena have been gathering great expectations even before the broadcast. Meanwhile, ‘You Quiz on the Block’ invites various guests for its ‘Our Blues’ special. They include Noryangjin Fish Market’s youngest boss, Yoo Hanna, funeral director Yoo Jaecheol, and actor Park JiHwan from ‘The Outlaws’, sharing their unique stories and experiences, leaving a deep impression on viewers. Specifically, Park JiHwan is expected to share his life story and his thoughts on being invited to the Berlin Film Festival for ‘The Outlaws 4’, making it all the more reason to pay close attention to his story. Despite the wave of cancellations, these programs firmly hold their ground and keep their promise with the viewers, positioning themselves as precious exceptions in the broadcasting world. Watching what new stories these programs will unfold and how they will captivate the audience’s heart is one of the great joys to come. Applause is due for their efforts to deliver unchanging values amidst the constant changes in the broadcasting industry.


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