82-Year-Old Veteran Actress Na Moon Hee

82-Year-Old Veteran Actress Na Moon Hee Shocking Transformation Back To Her 20s With The Use Of Controversial AI Technology

Is the use of AI always negative?

AI technology is extremely controversial, and even within K-Pop and Korean entertainment, the use of AI covers and deepfakes has caused concerns among netizens.

Deepfake of BTS’s V | theqoo
Deepfake of Song Hye Kyo | theqoo

Well, it seems like veteran actress 82-year-old Na Moon Hee has embraced it.

Actress Na Moon Hee

Over the years, Na Moon Hee has become an iconic figure in Korean films and K-Dramas. Yet, it seems that Na Moon He has aged back to her 20s… with the help of the controversial AI technology.

On April 9, the AI entertainment technology company MCA announced a collaboration with the Korea Racing Authority, where they had content that featured an AI version of the actress. The title of the video was “Na Moon Hee’s First Love,” where the shot transitioned from the actress’s current look to the younger version of herself.

The final two shots shared by Korean media outlets show Na Moon Hee at her current age of 83 (her Korean age) compared to the AI version of the actress at 23 years old.


When AI is used with someone’s consent, it can be amazing, but the ability to be misused is a concern when it is taken advantage of.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/82-year-old-veteran-actress-na-moon-hee-transforms-20s-ai-technology/

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