“I Live Alone” Comedian Drops Jaws

“I Live Alone” Comedian Drops Jaws With Her Sexy Transformation Captured In Underwear Shoot

At the 2023 SBS Drama Awards, actor Lee Jang Woo promised viewers that he and his fellow beloved “Palm Oil” members, TV personalities Jun Hyun Moo and Park Na Rae, will “lose weight.”

The “Palm Oil” members on “I Live Alone” | @mbc_ilivealone/Instagram

Fast forward four months, and the latest teaser for the upcoming episode of I Live Alone has revealed that the promise has been kept for sure.

The teaser captured three “Palm Oil” members showing up to a studio for a photoshoot…

…and the results are stunning!

GQ Korea shared a series of photos featuring the “Palm Oil” members posing for FILA‘s underwear collection. And while all three look incredible, it’s Park Na Rae’s sexiest transformation that has stolen the hearts of all.

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 9.10.52 PM
| @MBCentertainment/YouTube

Rocking a bob in a sports bra paired with a chic black denim skirt, Park is piercing the camera with her fierce gaze.

| @gq_korea/Instagram

Showing off her new slimmed and toned figure, the comedian is glowing in the photos.

Dear all seeing this pictorial. You might be doubting your eyes. Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, and Lee Jang Woo from ‘I Live Alone’ have prepared for this shoot for over four months. Yes, it’s true. The ‘Palm Oil’ members’ blood, sweat, and tears are captured in this pictorial. What’s even more surprising? No matter what pose they strike, their underwear band didn’t roll over. More pictorials of the ‘Palm Oil’ members pulling off FILA underwear in their healthiest shapes will soon be revealed. Be ready for more surprises, as more impressive photos are set to be unveiled soon. Please pay attention to the upcoming broadcast of ‘I Live Alone,’ GQ Korea, and FILA Underwear’s Instagram next week!

— GQ Korea


With GQ Korea teasing even “more impressive photos” set to be unveiled soon, I Live Alone viewers and Park Na Rae fans can’t hide their excitement for the full reveal.

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 9.10.05 PM
| theqoo
  • “Park Na Rae looks great, LOL.”
  • “Park Na Rae is so cool…”
  • “Park Na Rae is impressive.
  • “An underwear shoot… Gosh, that must have taken so much work.”
  • “Wow, Na Rae unnie! So hot!”
  • “IDK, it looks too edited to me. Haha.”
  • “Wait, is this real?! Without photoshopping? That’s incredible! Wow.”
  • “These are incredible… but the members look so exhausted, LOL.”
  • “Park Na Rae is amazing.”

This is not the first time Park Na Rae wowed the fans with her visual. Read more about her unique dress worn for the 2023 SBS Drama Awards.

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