CRAVITY’s Wonjin To Sit Out Scheduled

CRAVITY’s Wonjin To Sit Out Scheduled Activities After Being Diagnosed With Laryngitis

CRAVITY’s Wonjin has been diagnosed with laryngitis.

On April 21, Starship Entertainment announced that due to a “worsening of his physical health,” Wonjin had visited the hospital earlier that day. The agency also revealed that the idol had been diagnosed with laryngitis and advised by a doctor to take a break from his activities in order to rest.

As a result, Wonjin will not be attending today’s episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo” together with the rest of CRAVITY, and he will also be sitting out the group’s fan signing event scheduled for today.

Starship Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

This is Starship Entertainment.

CRAVITY member Wonjin visited the hospital today due to a worsening of his physical health, and he was diagnosed with laryngitis. In accordance with the doctor’s opinion that he needs rest, we are informing you that he will not be attending SBS’s “Inkigayo” or participating in [today’s] scheduled CRAVITY “EVERSHINE” fan signing event (Soundwave).

As this decision was made out of consideration for the artist’s health, we ask for fans’ generous understanding.

We will do our utmost to help our artist recover his health.
Thank you.

Wishing Wonjin the speediest of recoveries!

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