Furious Wife To Divorce Husband After

Furious Wife To Divorce Husband After Discovering A Secret Involving Their 29-Year-Old Daughter 

“How ridiculous this is…”

A woman in China got the shock of her life when she returned home from work one day and discovered not one but two strangers waiting for her.

Guo’s husband, who had not been named, stole his wife’s I.D. | South China Morning Post

The 53-year-old woman, surnamed Guo, found a woman who claimed to have been hired by Guo’s husband as a maid. The woman was holding an unfamiliar baby girl who, to Guo’s shock, apparently belonged to her and her husband.

Guo discovered that the child had been carried to term by a university student, a secret surrogate. Although surrogacy is illegal in China, Guo’s husband was able to hire his surrogate through an agency. When Guo confronted her husband, he told her that he had stolen her I.D. to apply for a birth certificate, making him and Guo the child’s legal parents without Guo’s consent.

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Why did he do this? According to Guo, their only child–a 29-year-old daughter–does not wish to marry or have children, which means that Guo’s husband will never be a grandfather.

My husband said, ‘Your choice means I will never be a grandfather. What’s the point of raising you? Not having a baby means you are not filial, according to Chinese traditional culture.’

— Guo

“I flared up into a fury,” Guo said. “I am going to divorce him.” Their daughter, surnamed Gao, believes that her father won’t be capable of raising his “grandchild” alone. As such, she fears that she will be forced to raise the child herself after her parents divorce.

Unrelated photo for illustrative purposes | Afif Ramdhasuma/Unsplash

How ridiculous this is.

— Gao

The most shocking part of this story might be the fact that Gao’s father is already thinking about hiring a surrogate for a second “grandchild.” A boy this time.

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Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/asia/china-man-secret-surrogate-divorce-wife-daughter/

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