Fifth-Generation Idol’s Vocals Are So Beautiful

Fifth-Generation Idol’s Vocals Are So Beautiful No Video Can Ever Do It Justice

You have to go to a live concert to fully experience it!

Recently, an online community post garnered attention for ZEROBASEONE Taerae’s amazing vocals.

I love Taerae’s unaccompanied vocals when he sings in the practice room like this. His voice is so strong and resonates throughout the room.

His voice gives off a certain atmosphere, especially in live performances.

Taerae singing ‘Stalker’ is just crazy. When I heard this, I made up my mind on something…

Most recently, Taerae sang a cover of “Rewrite the Stars” at Music Bank in Antwerp and received a positive response from fans.

Netizens agreed that no video could ever capture the true beauty of Taerae’s live vocals!

Netizen comments | Instiz
  • “His vocals that can take over the large Gocheok stadium…His performance of ‘Stalker’ was truly legendary.”
  • “Seriously, all the videos taken from concerts are different from listening to his voice in concert. You have to see it live to hear his true vocals.”
  • “His ‘Stalker’ performance was so crazy.”
  • “I agree, there are no videos that capture his raw vocals that you can only experience at a concert.”

Hopefully Zeroses’ all get a chance to experience his live vocals in concert!


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