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Everything You Need To Know About HYBE’s Latest Girl Group ILLIT

ILLIT’s recent debut has been attracting a lot of attention lately as the latest girl group from HYBE—the entertainment company managing BTS, SEVENTEEN, NewJeans, and several other successful K-pop groups. The group is managed by BELIFT LAB, the same group behind ENHYPEN. If they’ve caught your attention too, then this is the perfect spot to learn all about them! Here are some fun facts to get you started with ILLIT.

1. The group was formed from a survival show

If you remember back to June of last year, the survival show “R U Next?” aired its first episode. Contestants were evaluated both by audience votes and by coaches, industry professionals such as 2am member Jo Kwon and former Wanna One member Kim Jae Hwan. The members of ILLIT were originally announced as six, with Youngseo leaving the group before debut.

2. They debuted with “Magnetic”

A bouncy, fun electro-pop song, ILLIT debuted with their mini album “SUPER REAL ME” and title track “Magnetic” on March 25, 2024. They’ve already taken their first win on “The Show” with their title track, which proves that they’re definitely monster rookies! The group is still promoting, so tune in for the various performances of songs from “SUPER REAL ME.”

3. Their group name has a meaning

With a youthful but unique group concept, it was announced at the same time of the final member lineup that ILLIT actually has a special meaning. It’s a combination of the English words “I’ll” and “it,” meaning that the group can achieve anything. “I’ll” represents the independent and adventurous nature of the group, while “it” is for their standout vibe—think “It Girl” energy.

4. They’re a five-member group

If you want the introduction version of a speed-run, this is the perfect video! It breaks down each member’s personalities and also shares how the girls see each other as fellow group members.

5. ILLIT is a multi-national group

With members from both Korea and Japan, ILLIT has a fair amount of diversity when it comes to the languages they can speak. Rapper Minju seems particularly keen when it comes to picking up new languages, and other members have expressed desires to learn new languages too. Being able to speak with fans from all over the world is always a good thing!

6. They have their own show

If you want to get to know the girls better, then this is the perfect way! “I’LL-IT Ready!” is the group’s variety show, where you can see the members on various trips and playing games together. Their distinct personalities mesh well together to create a fun and relaxing environment, even when the staff members are setting them up with some surprising twists.

7. They’re fantastic live performers

You wouldn’t be wrong for assuming that these vocals are coming from industry veterans rather than a rookie group with less than a month of experience under their belts! They’ve displayed an incredible amount of professionalism and stability on stage, with fans looking forward to hearing more of their pretty and unique voices going forward.

Is there anything else you would add to the list? Let everyone know in the comments!

Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1653394wpp/everything-you-need-to-know-about-hybes-latest-girl-group-illit

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